Michael Price

Michael Price has over 25 years of dedicated investigative leadership for the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Aviation Unit that has been supplemented with Certificates of Distinction from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), University of Southern California (USC) Safety/Security Program, and American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) (Certified Protection Professional). This is in addition to his 7500 safe flight hours in both fixwing aircraft and helicopter operation in a demanding Law Enforcement Aviation arena. During his tenure as the Resident Agent in Charge of DEA Aviation for the State of Florida, and the Caribbean he successfully guided his team through 50,000 hours of safe and logistically sound missions.

Mike’s unique background sets the stage for his extensive knowledge, and professionalism implementing Aviation Security/Safety Management Systems (SMS), and aviation related investigations. Mike, has also successfully promoted a business development strategy utilizing “Strategic Interview Techniques” with DHS, DoD, State and Local Law Enforcement units. He has used this business strategy to research manned and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) programs, Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) programs. His mission statement is simple: Provide his clients with the best possible guidance to implement the best possible Security/Safety Management System or Product Development program for their aviation assets, facilities, or innovative security initiatives.

Mike is always willing to help design, manage and implement the most efficient ways to protect your personnel, your physical assets, and your reputation. As part of his Management Systems program, Mike will custom design Management and Leadership presentations for middle management personnel. He looks forward to the opportunity to assist your business achieve and exceed its goals with trusted integrity