Integrated Ops Control

Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC)

Modern IT solutions for network planning and route planning.
Comprehensive IOCC allows for smart bundling of all the Airlines’ operational processes in a joint platform.

Introducing the IOCC sytem enables airlines to apply an integrated strategic approach to planning its long-term and short-term network processes, use resources most efficiently, and calculate optimum routes in terms of fuel consumption, weather, and flying time. The latest developments incorporate sophisticated models for evaluating passengers’ price sensitivity for the process of network planning.

Considering the price sensitivity by integrating a price attribute into network planning helps the airline improve strategies to dominate competitors, even if those dispose of better schedule or price conditions. This aspect is getting increasingly important due to the strong growth aviation and accelerating globalization through new open-skies agreements.

IOCC allows for a solution that supports an in-depth understanding of the market, based on a full network profitability evaluation. The system generates an insight into the weaknesses and strengths of both the airlines´ and her competitors’ networks and reveals the influence of other airlines’ networks on own flight profitability. Furthermore, it supports the integration of the airline´s network into worldwide traffic flows through alliances and codeshare agreements.

For many years, network planning processes, tools, and data were too expensive and complex for smaller airlines. By supporting new, simplified business processes with sophisticated IOCC software, in combination with alternative, affordable data sources, Expert Aviation Consulting is a leading IT-provider to make real network planning possible for all airlines.

Moreover, replacing their previous scheduling system with IOCC software, airlines will be enabled to measure the profitability impacts of alternative scheduling scenarios. IOCC solutions incorporate Slot Manager to control a complete slot handling process. The Slot Manager creates and manages SCR/SMA telex messages for automated communication with the airport coordinator and provides the user with absolute control over the slot obtaining process. Airlines schedulers will also be assisted by the IOCC Tactical Profitability Evaluation Model in implementing the most economic schedule by comparing different schedule scenarios just prior to publication.

IOCC system can cover all aspects of route planning, dispatch and flight following procedures. It draws on its own database, which helps it to automatically calculate the ideal route between two airports and to create safe and easy-to-understand briefing documents for each flight

“Expert Aviation Consulting can analyze your needs with great expertise and an in-depth understanding of your flight operations processes. With IOCC you will be be able to accelerate your planning processes and reduce costs as well,” says Chris Norton, EVP Technology and Information Systems, of EAC LLC.