Experts at EAC are what make the difference.
Below is a summary of the qualifications and experience of our principal partners. The following pages detail the depth, wealth of knowledge and experience of our aviation team professionals.

EAC Partner - Principal Consultant

Kirk Koenig

Kirk Koenig

Kirk Koenig, President, has over 35 years of aviation experience and is currently flying for a major airline in the US. Kirk is a Graduate of Purdue University's Aviation Technology Program, with a background in general aviation, corporate aviation, regional/commuter aviation, major commercial international aviation.

Kirk has experience in many single and multi-engine general aviation aircraft,Turbo-props such as King Airs, Turbo Commanders, Embraer-120 and jet aircraft such as Boeing 727, Airbus 319, Airbus 320, Boeing 757, Boeing 767.

Kirk is experienced in airplane operations in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, South America, and Europe. Kirk is a member of the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association.

EAC Partner - Principal Consultant

John SilcottJohn Silcott
, EVP Marketing & Business Development, has over 27 years of flying experience. John is currently flying for a major airline in the US. After graduating from San Jacinto College in 1992 with an A.S. degree in Aviation Technology, John worked as a flight instructor in Las Vegas, NV. John was also an Accident Prevention Counselor through the Las Vegas' FAA FSDO.

He finished a B.S. degree in Aviation Management through Pacific Western University while working as a flight instructor in 1993. In 1993, John started flying with a FAA Part 135 unscheduled operation. In 1994, John started flying with a FAA Part 121 regional airline.

John was a first officer in the EMBRAER 120 and later a captain in the Beech 1900D and in the EMBRAER 145 Regional Jet. In 1997, John was hired at a major international FAA part 121 worldwide airline. John has been a first officer in the Boeing 737 series aircraft as well as the Airbus 319/320. John is a member of the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association.

EAC Partner - Principal Consultant

SteveCockpit2Steve Abdu, EVP Technology & Training, has over 40 years of aviation experience, both domestically and internationally. He has recently retired from flying as a Captain on the Boeing 777 for a major US airline. Steve started his flying career in 1969 while attending the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

After attaining his Airline Transport Pilot ratings, Steve became a flight instructor and taught for a number of years, with over 2,000 hours of instruction logged with his students.

He became an airline pilot in 1974, flying  for Air New England until 1982 when he was hired at PEOPLExpress Airlines. At PEX, he soon checked out as a Captain in the Boeing 737 and then the Boeing 727. He became an Instructor pilot in the B727 giving Initial Operating Experience to new Captains and First Officers.

In 2004, Steve helped his airline navigate into the new world of Preferential Bidding Systems (PBS). Steve did extensive evaluations of all the computer bidding systems then being offered to the world’s airlines. After vendor selection, he helped to develop the Detailed Requirements Document (DRD) and Business Specifications for the vendor.

Steve helped develop the training program materials used to introduce PBS to the pilot group. These included an extensive training manual, a website that included live help, a Training DVD and a curriculum used to teach the new system to pilots in a classroom environment.

Steve was also active in the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) arena, working on a Joint Technology Efficiency Committee that will carry airline pilots into the next era of aviation that will be based full time broadband connectivity.