Douglas Clark

Doug Clark

Doug Clark

Douglas Clark attended the College of Aeronautics at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, for The FAA’s Airframe & Powerplant licenses, Avionics training and the Bachelor of Technology in Aircraft Maintenance. After Graduation in ’89, he obtained employment with an FAR 121 Carrier at a Maintenance Base located in the SFO bay area. Doug performed airframe maintenance and structural repairs to the aircraft fleet, which included Sheetmetal, composites, fiberglass and corrosion control.

In ’93 he switched to the Fuel Tank Team, and performed maintenance, leak detection, repair, bladder cell replacements, Negative Air Checks and troubleshooting for the aircraft fleet that was comprised of Boeing 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, DC10, A320 & A319’s.

Having previously passed all four parts of the air carrier’s “Line Maintenance Inspection Exam” on the first attempt (October ’92), he took a transfer (June ’96) to work at the carrier’s Indianapolis Maintenance Center, and became an Aircraft Inspector shortly thereafter. Doug performed Preliminary and Post Maintenance Inspections for ‘C’ Check and HMV level aircraft visits, and support shop inspections. The primary focus of maintenance was for the Boeing 727,737,757,767, A320 & A319 fleets.

In April ’03, he transfered back to the SFO Maintenance Facility, as Jet Engine Shop Mechanic performing maintenance on the: CFM-56, P&W 2000, Air Force F-117, and the derivatives of the P&W 4000 engines. Doug passed the air carrier’s “Engine Shop Inspectors Exam” on the first attempt. He became an Inspector in August ’03, and performed Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspections on Airframe and Powerplant parts, Engine Piece Part Inspections, Final Engine Assembly, and Post Test Cell Inspections, for the FAR 121 Air Carrier, and Customer engines under their FAR 145 Certification.

In June ’07, Doug took a transfer to work as a Line Maintenance Mechanic, and he is currently Tow Qualified to transport the aircraft between the Maintenance Base and the Airport Terminal.

Along with these duties, he has been an active member of the mechanic’s union, as a shop steward, shop representative, Flight Safety Committee Chairman, and as the MSAP – Maintenance Safety Awareness Program’s Alternate Representative. Doug investigates and works to resolve Safety and Maintenance related issues between the FAA, the Air Carrier, and the union representing mechanics. He has also participated in the construction of an RV-7 General Aviation Experimental Aircraft.


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