Doug Powers

Doug Powers is President of an Aviation Consulting Firm that specializes in litigation support/expert witness services for General Aviation Pilot Operations and Air Traffic Operations and Procedures. He has over 36 years experience in air traffic control and over 45 years’ experience as general aviation pilot.

Doug began his FAA career as an Air Traffic Controller at the Chicago O’Hare ATCT/TRACON in 1969 and later served as training and evaluations specialist there. After entering management he served as Manager of some of the nation’s busiest air traffic facilities including: Detroit Metro, MI ATCT/TRACON, Minneapolis/St Paul, MN ATCT/TRACON, Indianapolis ARTCC, and the Chicago TRACON. He also has over 15 years’ experience managing the program areas of: Airspace and Procedures, Evaluations, Requirements, Operations, and Traffic Management. During the final few years of his career he served as special assistant to the FAA Vice Presidents of Safety Service and Terminal Services in support of Operational Error and Runway Safety reduction initiatives.

Doug has held a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Single and Multi-engine land and instrument ratings as well as an Airframe Mechanics Certificate since 1969. He has over 3000 hours of PIC time and is often used as a litigation expert in GA pilot cases. For 25 years of his tenure with FAA he flew FAA and rental aircraft to provide transportation and analyze problems in the National Airspace System.

Additionally Doug has provided consultant support for proponents in OE/AAA cases, airport noise issues, airport surface operations, and reducing the adverse impact of air traffic procedural changes on clients. One such client credited Doug with generative saving in the millions of dollars buy coordinating routing changes which were adversely impacting the company’s flights.

Doug is active in the Experimental Aircraft Association where he serves as a Chairman during AirVenture. One of his greatest areas of pride is working with youth who are interested in aviation as a career. He serves as primary Advisor to an Aviation Exploring Post at the Chicago Executive Airport, PWK, which he founded 17 years ago.


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