Dave Canoles

David Canoles has over 40 years experience in air traffic control. He began his career with FAA in 1971 as a controller, and qualified in three FAA terminal facilities. He then progressed out of the controller ranks and became a training instructor, first line supervisor and went on to manage two FAA facilities. In 1987 he was promoted into the Senior Executive ranks and held a succession of line and policy making positions. From 1987 to 1990 he headed the Eastern Region Air Traffic Division and was responsible for over 3500 employees and approximately 90 air traffic facilities.

Dave managed the air traffic procedures Division before moving on to lead the Evaluations and Investigations Directorate. He retired in 2006 as the safety regulator for all air traffic facilities in the US after forming that organization. He is experienced in the development and evaluation of both domestic and international ATC procedures.

Since his retirement, Dave has served as consultant and expert witness in a number of ATC related cases.

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