Steve Landau

Captain Steve Landau has been involved in aviation since 1987 and has flown for a major US airline since 1991. During this nearly thirty-year period, Captain Landau has amassed north of 17,000 hours of flight time with experience all over the world, including North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. His type ratings include B-727 (Flight Engineer), MD-80 (Captain), B-757/767 (F/O & Captain), B-777 (F/O), and A320 (Captain & current). Prior experience included corporate flying (SA-226) and various light single and multi-engine airplanes.

As a result of his Part 121 operational experience, Captain Landau possesses extensive knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations, ICAO rules and standards, and many other facets of the airline business. Additionally, Captain Landau has served as a consultant on the acquisition and brokering of large, cabin-class private jets, from the initial search for a suitable aircraft, through the negotiation and pre-purchase inspection phases, as well as at closing. Outside of aviation, Captain Landau was the president and co-owner of a small clothing company. He also keeps involved in general aviation flying near his New Jersey residence.

Captain Landau graduated Cum Laude from The Kiski School in western Pennsylvania, then attended Penn State University and received an AS in Flight Technology with high honors from CCAC in Pittsburgh.

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