"Excellence in Aviation Expertise"

Our motto defines what you can expect with Expert Aviation Consulting (EAC) as your aviation resource.

When your company requires the knowledge and expertise of an Aviation Consultant, Expert Witness or Human Resources Expert, contact EAC. We have the experts you need with years of consulting experience in almost every discipline within aviation.

Our team is comprised of working and retired professionals who are up-to-date on the latest trends, procedures, and regulations affecting today’s aviation industry.




"In today’s hypercompetitive world, EAC consultants can help you make sense of the complex technical aviation matters affecting you and your company."

Our Team of Expert Consultants thrives on exceeding your expectations.

No matter what project you are engaged in, contact us today to ensure a favorable outcome.

Expert Aviation Consulting utilizes highly qualified aviation professionals in all areas of private, commercial and military aviation.


Why choose us?
The answer is quite simple:

As aviation professionals,
It's who we are, it's what we do!

Our Experts have decades of professional aviation experience and have an in-depth knowledge of the constantly changing rules and regulations governing the complex world of aviation. Our Team will provide time and monetary savings through expert identification of your issue and its solution.

Consultants for Expert Aviation Consulting carefully explain critical aviation issues in a manner that is easy to understand and then through intense analysis provide you with the advice you seek be it a legal matter, a technical project or a human resources issue. Expert Aviation Consulting will be there as your one stop resource for all your aviation related consulting needs.

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